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This website is dedicated to Black Label, a rockgroup in which I enjoyed playing for about ten years. It all started back in 1983 and to my regret ended somewhere in 1992. For more information please

Where it all began (1983)

In 1983, Kris, Karl, Francis, Luc and Peter decided to play in a show to celebrate our last 100 days in college. We played a few numbers of The Beatles.

blacklabel009 blacklabel010 blacklabel011

Backstage you see a glimp of Jan, who would become the first bassplayer of Black Label. After this show Kris, Karl and Peter decided to come together again to play.

Black Label - First edition (1983 - 1987)

In 1984 we played together on a regular basis and the first edition of Black Label. The repetitions where held in a classroom of a local school in Kessel, the hometown of Kris. We played a combination of covers and numbers written by Kris.

The members:

blacklabel002 blacklabel003 blacklabel012

04/10/1986: Kris organized a party for his 21st. birthday. Black Label did one of their first real performances there.


If you like you can listen here to our first recordings.

Black Label - Second Edition (1987)

The members:

blacklabel004 blacklabel015 blacklabel016 blacklabel017 blacklabel018

If you like you can listen here to some recordings.

Black Label - Third Edition (1987 - 1988)

The members:

In 1987 we played a life show in Youthcenter Kreoel (Broechem). The show was recorded.

One of the soundrecordings:

In 1988 we played at Humo's Rockrally, in Beerse. We didn't make it to the final ;-(


Here are some pictures of Black Label, playing at Popwonder in 1988 (27/08/1988). This was a free podium organized by the youthservice in Lier (Belgium).

popwonder88 blacklabel001 blacklabel005 blacklabel007 blacklabel019 blacklabel020

Black Label - Fourth Edition (1988 - 1990)

Karl decided to stop with Black Label. Paul and Dirk knew a drummer, Gino, with which they played together a few years earlier. So they called him and he was interested. The big advantage was that the house he lived in had an attic that could be used as repetitionroom. So we could leave all our equipment there. In the previous repetitionroom, in the local school, we couldn't leave any of our equipment, so it was always took some time to lift all the material from the cars and to get it all connected and working. When Gino joined us we also bought a decent P.A. system, which greatly improved the quality of the repetitions. I don't know if the neighbours agreed with this statement, though :-).

The members:

18/02/1989: Invitation to a performance of Black Label in "Het Goede Voorbeeld", a famous pub in Lier

blacklabel024 blacklabel027

26/08/1989: again at Popwonder, this time with our new drummer.

blacklabel028 blacklabel006 blacklabel008 blacklabel021 blacklabel022 blacklabel023

Some soundrecordings:

Black Label - Fifth Edition (1990 - 1992)

Kris left the band and Dirk took over the leadvocals.

Some soundrecordings:

We also did some sessions wih a female singer, Katia

Some soundrecordings: